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What used to work so well for agencies doesn’t work anymore. The Status-Quo Agency is a relic of an era now past.

Agencies no longer can compete just spreadsheeting the medical and managing the renewal. Prospecting by calling 60 days before the renewal date & asking to quote is simply outdated. The best benefits firms are providing so many more solutions – so much more value – to employers.

Do nothing to change your agency and you can be certain that you will soon be irrelevant and unable to compete. It truly is do or die.

But an agency that transforms into a NextGeneration Benefits Firm® can remain competitive in the market and achieve the key agency goals of relevanceprofitabilityindependence, and growth.

Bottom Line Solutions works exclusively with

agency leaders to transform their agency into a

NextGeneration Benefits Firm
® so they can remain…

Profitable  ♦ Independent  ♦ Growing 

Our NextGeneration Benefits Firms not only easily beat the status-quo agencies in their markets, they are taking away groups from national houses.



Even as they invest in the future of their business, NextGeneration Benefits Firms are ending the year with profit margins of 25 to 35 percent while keeping a high level of client service.



While so many agency leaders throw in the towel & sell, NextGeneration Benefits Firms have found the answer to “What’s next?” for their agency so they can reinvent their firm, stay independent, and retain control.



Organic growth is hard for most agencies, but our NextGeneration Benefits Firms are adding locations and driving 25% to 50% and more in annual organic growth.



Our Expertise

Growth Consulting

This premier level of engagement is reserved for clients who desire custom guidance, advice, and development of strategy, processes, and tools to help propel their firm to the next level of success. This is the highest level at which you can engage Nelson & Scott.

Executive Coaching

By consistently working one-on-one with a firm’s leadership and/or producers, we are able to guide and direct a firm’s decisions effectively in “real time” to ensure the firm puts the odds in its favor from strategic decisions such as selecting a niche or possible acquisition to tactical questions such as which ben admin system to choose or how to maximize voluntary participation in an account.

Agency Diagnostic

We provide an in-depth assessment of your agency against real-world benchmarks that reveals its readiness to grow. You receive best-practice strategy recommendations and specific steps you can take to move your firm toward more growth, greater efficiencies, increased top-line revenue, and higher bottom-line profits.

Agency Growth Mastermind Partnership

Executive peer-exchange program consists of top, non-competing agency leaders from across the U.S. who come together quarterly to share best practices; solve problems; innovate new growth strategies; and provide support, encouragement, guidance, and accountability to one another. Partnership benefits include formalized executive coaching.

Sales Training & Coaching

In a two-day interactive sales training based on our proprietary Advisory Selling® consultative sales system, we work with you & your producers to develop & refine critical sales skills. These skills increase the conversion rate, accelerate the sales cycle, maximize the cross-sell opportunity, and make selling more enjoyable. The system also makes pipeline & sales management easier.

Outsourced Prospecting & Lead Gen Partnership

Acting as a seamless extension of your agency, our “Client Attraction Machine” provides an “end-to-end sales solution” to identify and engage your ideal prospects and position you to win new business.

Nelson Griswold & Scott Cantrell’s industry bestseller, DO or DIE: Reinventing Your Benefits Agency for Post-Reform Success, has changed the way benefit agency leaders view & run their firms.

The book unveils a new, post-reform agency business model focused on the key agency growth areas of PortfolioMarketingSelling, and Management. Nelson & Scott provide step-by-step guidance along with proven business-building strategies.

The consultative, solution-focused NextGeneration Benefits Firm immediately differentiates an agency and positions it for growth.

For agency leaders across the country, DO or DIE is the blueprint for building their NextGeneration Benefits Firm.

DO or DIE became the blueprint for our agency’s reinvention efforts.

Ty Miller, Principal
    Shirazi Benefits
    Greeley, CO

DO OR DIE is an essential survival guide for the benefits agency.

Robert Shestack, EVP
    Philadelphia, PA

Reading DO or DIE started me on our journey with Nelson & Scott of reinvention & massive growth, which led to becoming “Benefit Adviser of the Year.” DO or DIE showed the way.

Tim Olson, Managing Partner
    The Olson Group, Omaha, NE

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