What used to work so well for agencies doesn’t work anymore. The Status-Quo Agency is a relic of an era now past.

Agencies no longer can compete just spreadsheeting the medical and managing the renewal. Prospecting by calling 60 days before the renewal date & asking to quote is simply outdated. The best benefits firms are providing so many more solutions – so much more value – to employers.

Do nothing to change your agency and you can be certain that you will soon be irrelevant and unable to compete. It truly is do or die.

But an agency that transforms into a NextGeneration Benefits Firm® can remain competitive in the market and achieve the key agency goals of relevanceprofitabilityindependence, and growth.

Bottom Line Solution’s transformation process is based on the post-ACA agency business model outlined in Nelson Griswold & Scott Cantrell’s industry bestseller, DO OR DIE: Reinventing Your Benefits Agency for Post-Reform Success.

The NextGeneration Benefits Firm® business model is built on the four key agency growth areas of PortfolioMarketingSelling, and Management. By maximizing each of these, you will transform your agency into a NextGeneration Firm positioned to compete and grow.

Bottom Line Solutions works with agency leaders to transform their firms through:

  • Consulting
  • Executive Coaching
  • Agency Growth Mastermind Partnership (peer-exchange network for agency leaders)
  • Agency Services including:
    • Agency Diagnostic
    • Agency Growth SWOT Analysis®
    • Agency Efficiency Audit
    • Voluntary Benefits Practice Builder®
    • Advisory Selling® Consultative Sales Training
    • High-ROI Marketing® Plan Development
    • Outsourced Prospecting & Lead Generation